The Future of the Turbo Wheel


Client: MOMO & Autodesk

Solo Project

Ethnographic Research, Design Research, Product Design, CAD Development, & Rendering

Zephyr is a modern interpretation of the classic turbo wheel that strives to usher in the next generation of effective and aesthetic brake cooling wheels. 

What is it? 

MOMO and Autodesk posed the design challenge of looking into the future and proposing what the future of automobile wheels will look like. Zephyr is designed to provide an additional cooling system for internal components housed inside the wheel. Zephyr is a re-imagined turbo wheel that re-routes air to the internal systems. Turbo wheels are traditionally used as brake-cooling wheels but as technology progresses we may see more components such as motors in the wheel itself. 

Who is it for?

Through ethnographic research I better understood car culture and designed Zephyr with those users in mind. After market products are successful because they have a tie to performance, or racing, values. These performance attributes are valued in the culture, but products thrive if they are aesthetically pleasing. I focused on the out of favor turbo-wheel due to its brake cooling attribute and rally car racing roots. Users in the car culture value prestige in addition to performance and aesthetic; luckily enough MOMO is an established and prestigious brand. Through using after market products that have performance increasing attributes, are aesthetically pleasing, and have prestige, users gain a sense of belonging and admiration in their community. Zephyr is a wheel that fulfills these user needs in the car community and culture.

Fitment & Components

The rim spokes are designed to cut through the rerouted airflow from the scoops and support the vent system and allow for an open wheel. The multi-part wheel design allows for the manufacturing and assembly of complex parts and adjusting to different fitments. The rear barrel can be changed out for specific fitments. The manufacturing involves standard forging or casting for both barrels, while the scoops would be comprised of stamped then bent sheet metal. The scoops are fastened to the rim and can be replaced individually should they be damaged. 


A big thanks to MOMO & Autodesk!

Thank you!

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