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Steam. Blend. Serve.

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Design Research, eCommerce Research, Product Design, CAD Development, Branding, & Rendering

Nomi strives to give busy parents the choice of making their child’s food, giving them control over the process and the ingredients that lead to their child’s nutrition. Nomi achieves this by providing parents with the proper tools, connections, and information.


Abigail Maeder, Cameron Chartier, Kelsie Thomas, Rebecca Nicoara

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What is it? 

Nomi makes cooking for your baby simple by separating out the steps, and guiding you through the process. Our trademark Swivel Ball makes transporting food from step to step easy and efficient. Cooking baby food provides an intimate emotional connection between parents and their child. Fully automated systems remove this intimacy while cooking. Nomi allows parents to be involved in every step in the process, increase their efficiency, easily understand how to use the equipment, and give them the option to make baby food without too much commitment. Nomi is designed specifically for the E-Commerce market with a distinguished form, customizable purchasing options, and an intuitive form. This stackable design allows for easy storage and a reduction of dirty pots and pans.


The Swivel Ball transforms from bowl to ball by turning the silicone grips on either side. This allows the easy transportation of food from preparation, to steaming, and to blending. The Swivel Ball locks into the blender pitcher and doubles as a lid to make sure all food is placed properly.

Swivel Ball Technology
Product Features
Designed for eCommerce

How does E-Commerce drive product design? Through our research we discovered when it comes to E-commerce, first impressions matter the most. Our product design was driven by having a distinguished form for product differentiation, having a clear communicative form-function relationship, and enabling custom purchasing options for a variety of users. By providing a unique form among competing products, we have provided a visual pull for customer’s curiosity. Our colors are bright, but clean and appealing. The title for the product immediately communicates its ease of use and it’s function. Without a well established brand name, we focused on a visual selling strategy.

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Distinguished Form

Form Communicates Function

Custom Purchasing Options

Nomi Website

Our Nomi Website allows parents to become familiar and comfortable with our brand and products. It effectively provides information as well as connection to local farmers and other mothers to establish trust.

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Providing Resources

Providing Connections

Enabling Choice

Communicating We Understand

"Bo" Nomi Mascot 

Offers Recipes for learning parents

Simple Stage 1/2/3 Options

Form Icons to Communicate Steps

Help Find Local Ingredients

Connects to Parenting Blogs

Provides Purchasing Options

Price Comparisons

Brief Product Descriptions

Communicate Product Function

Communicate Brand Offerings

Sustainable Option for End Life

Reinforced Quality of Design

Provides $$ Saving Option

for End of Use

Packaging & Shipping

We developed our packaging to meet Walmart & Amazon criteria. Walmart regulations state that there is to be no branding on the outside of the packaging. For Amazon, we wanted to meet their Ships In Own Container (SIOC) requirements to allow for more cost effective shipping when ordering online. Our packaging is designed to make the user feel like they’re opening a gift and allows the product to be sent as a gift with no external branding.


The packaging has individual boxes for each component to allow the user to purchase exactly what they need. In the starter pack, the blender base, steamer base, and swivel steamer are all boxed individually and then packaged together with an outer wrap.

The Starter Pack
The Experience

When the user opens the box, it begins to unfold with bright colors like a gift. Under the simple instruction booklet the filler material holds the product in place. The user can remove this filler and plant it to grow their own fruits and vegetables!














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