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Exhibition Project

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Personal Role

Brand Development, Physical Modeling, Backwall Graphic Design, Virtual Reality Setup/VRED


Abigail Maeder, Jae Hyuk Kim,

Angela Kim


2018 Chairman Choice Award Bronze

Client: Czarnowski

Flux is a versatile and dynamic commuting bike platform that evolves with the user’s personality and commuting styles. We created a product space to introduce our product, brand, and lifestyle that we developed for Flux. 

What is it? 

This is a product exhibit space that is a launch platform for the brand Flux. The environment is designed to allow stakeholders to experience the brand, lifestyle, and values in an impactful manner. This is done by engaging the user in stations that discover user types with personality tests, product feature interactions, a physical product display, and a gamification element that rewards users for visiting stations with individual parts that create a Flux brand keychain if they visit all stations. The space is a pop-up exhibit designed for an urban area and is 20' x 20' x 20'.  

Who is it for? 

Flux is designed as a platform that encourages commuters to be versatile. Embracing four commuting styles that are different, but not exclusive to each other, users are able to use, change, and overlap corresponding features. We focused on our four user types: Adventurous Abbys, who value a spontaneous and adventurous experience within their commute; Better Bettys, who seek to improve and optimize their commute each day; Consistent Carls, who want to be consistent and avoid surprise; and Dashing Dannys, who chase the fastest and quickest journey. We created a product space to introduce our product, brand, and lifestyle that we developed based off of these user types.


All physical interaction occurs on the first floor. With 4 stations, users can go from each to learn more about themselves, the brand itself, and the product Flux.

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The exhibit is designed to draw people in with a projection display of the product on top that can be seen from afar.
The projection changes based on the user interaction inside the exhibit. As the users discover features the projection changes accordingly.

The Hook: Projection
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Front logo.jpg

At the entrance there is a booth for a brand representative to interact with, answer questions, and greet users upon entry. The entrance is comprised of two large transparent panels and an embossed Flux logo with a color changing LED dot to represent the four different user types.

Personality: Stations 1 & 2

This area is all about the user finding themselves. We have a seating area for users to speak with our representatives and take their first part of the key chain. The second part is a personality test that they can take. This test will allow the user to determine which of the four user types they are. Once the test is complete the control module will dispense the second part of the key chain.

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Functionality: Stations 3 & 4

This area is all about the user finding the right bike. This is where the user can input their personality type from the previous station and view the suggested Flux feature configuration. They can interchange these features, view other personality types, and even customize colors. The changes made here will be projected on the top projection to draw other users in. Once the user has completed the feature selection/exploration they will receive their third key chain piece. The fourth and final station provides another seating area where users can speak with a brand representative about any questions, possible purchasing options, and the final piece of their Flux brand key chain.

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The Bike

The product itself is displayed prominently at the center of the back wall. This is immediately visible from first entry, and can bee seen anywhere else inside without any obstruction. The display stand consists of two stacked platforms that raise the bike and integrate with the white pathways on the floor. The graphic is representative of the 4 user types fluctuating and interacting with the bike in the middle of it all.

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Bike on podium 4.jpg
Bike on podium 2.jpg
Physical Display

For our client presentation we created the environment in virtual reality and physically built out the 8' x 8' x 8' section with the bike, stand, and back wall graphic.

Experience Pitch
Experience Pitch

VR with Client
VR with Client

Flux Team Picture
Flux Team Picture

Experience Pitch
Experience Pitch

Projection room
Projection room


Projection room
Projection room


A big thanks to our client Czarnowski and my project team!

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