Two Worlds Come Together

Client: Ivan Allen College

Solo Project

Design Research, Product Design, CAD Development, & Rendering

These seating design concepts are specifically designed for the Savant building at Georgia Tech, a recently refurbished building where old elements meet new to create a unified space. These designs are inspired by the two worlds of old and new coming together to create a holistic design.

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What is it? 

The duality benches are a seating design that takes the concept of significant manipulation of a re-purposed column from the Savant building at Georgia Tech to construct the design. As a newly refurbished building with old and new elements coming together, this became the focus of the seating design and was reflected by having the old column wood contrast with a newer material and come together to create something new. 

Who is it for?

The duality benches are designed for the Savant building but will be used by the tenants, the Ivan Allen College. The space will be used as an administrative office for the college. The compact space has to be accessible for a large volume of students, faculty, and staff. The seating must support the existing areas program, allow for versatility in options, and be appropriate for a professional office space. 

Concept: Planarization Family

This concept focuses on planarizing the column wood. This significant manipulation allows for the possibility of less usable wood than expected, as the column may be filled with metal, rot, or insect damage. The family was introduced to allow for a more versatile space usage. The halls and area in the Savant building are narrow and constricted. Providing these options for the client was valuable to pitching the design and planning for severe material constraints.

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Meet the Family
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The Bloc

Single seat

Modular Units

Variable Seating

Bench_3.5_Single_Seat_Negative Bottom.pn

Storage Variants

Single seat

Modular Units

Variable Seating

Storage Sections

Visually Lighter


The Long Bench

Seats 2-4

Hallway Usage


This bench will be comprised of a bent planarization of column wood, supporting plywood planks, wood screw fasteners, and molded or bent corian. The base of the bench consists of corian, a material used in counter tops and building facades, that is molded or bent to the desired shape. This corian base will have indexing features that allow the column wood to snap onto the base securely. Before the column wood is attached, there will be plywood planks added to the underside for reinforcement along the bench. The plywood will slide into dedicated openings in the corian base for support.

Materials and Fabrication

This concept focuses on the meeting of two distinct materials. The dichotomy of Old v New is similar to that of Engineering v. Liberal Arts (Georgia Tech and The Ivan Allen College). The two are vastly different but when together create a holistic image. The Savant building is a mix of old wood, brick, and columns with new wood, glass, and metal. These worlds coming together is celebrated and showcased by the material dichotomy of this design.

Concept: Seam

This bench will be constructed of two primary materials, the salvaged column wood and sheet metal. There will be 3 unique pieces of sheet metal bent to produce the front legs, back legs, and back/head rest. These metal pieces will be joined to a wooden core seating surface made of 5-7 pieces (depending on plank width) of salvaged column wood. The two curved areas will be the core of the column and showcase the rings. The wooden core will be secured to the metal with sheet metal to wood screws on the bottom and back to limit fastener visibility.

Materials and Fabrication

Rapid Proportion Prototype

Client Presentation Collateral

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